Bill 42

An Act to amend the Ombudsman Act with respect to children’s aid societies

First introduced as Bill 110 (June 12, 2012) by NDP critic for Children & Youth Services, Monique Taylor, Bill 42, An Act to amend the Ombudsman Act with respect to children’s aid societies, aims to give full investigative power to the Ombudsman in relation to decisions made by children’s aid societies.

On October 4, 2012, Bill 110 (1st Session, 40th Parliament) passed second reading and was referred to the Standing Committee on Justice Policy.  However, when the Legislature was prorogued, Bill 110 died on the order paper.

On March 27th, 2013, Bill 42 (2nd Session, 40th Parliament) was introduced and passed the first reading.  To read the full text of Bill 42, please click here.

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