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Monique Taylor

MPP, Hamilton Mountain

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Monique Taylor has been the Member of Provincial Parliament for Hamilton Mountain since 2011. She currently serves as the NDP Critic for Children and Youth Services.

Monique understands that the Hamilton Mountain community needs real leadership and will continue to fight for her riding at Queen's Park.

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October 30, 2020

Ford government is allowing class sizes to increase in Hamilton’s schools during the pandemic

QUEEN’S PARK Oct 28, 2020 – NDP MPP Monique Taylor (Hamilton Mountain) has demanded to know why the Ford government is allowing class sizes in Hamilton’s public schools to increase during the secon... More
August 20, 2020

Supporting Students with Disabilities During COVID-19

On August 19, 2020, MPPs Joel Harden, Marit Stiles and I sent the below letter to the Minister of Education, asking that he produce a plan for students with disabilities as schools reopen. This pla... More
July 24, 2020

Motion to Support Children with Special Needs During COVID-19

NDP: Ford must step up with more support for children with special needs during COVID-19 QUEEN’S PARK — NDP MPP Monique Taylor (Hamilton Mountain) tabled a motion in the Ontario legislature Tuesday... More