Monique Taylor MPP, Hamilton Mountain

Government of Ontario

It’s Time For The Liberal Government To Do The Right Thing Because Autism Doesn’t End At 5: NDP

Published on May 12, 2016

QUEEN'S PARK – Ontario NDP Children and Youth critic Monique Taylor urged the Liberal government to do the right thing and ensure children over five are not removed from the IBI wait-list.

“This is about priorities. With the proper investment, this government could give all kids access to the intensive services they need,” said Taylor, MPP for Hamilton Mountain. “It’s time to make this about children and not just about wait-lists. It’s time for this government to do the right thing.”

Taylor said even organizations that were first supportive of the Liberal’s new autism plan have now come out against it.

“Organizations like QuickStart, who were first supportive of the new autism plan, have now come out sounding the alarms. From their media release: ‘QuickStart does not support the removal of any child from the intensive therapy wait-list. These children and their parents have been waiting years for intensive therapy and they should receive it.’”

Taylor said the only group not opposed to the plan is the Liberal government. In fact, municipalities have started passing resolutions urging this government to do the right thing and not force children over five off the IBI list.

“Experts, teachers, schools, parents, advocacy organizations, the provincial advocate, newspaper editorial boards and children themselves oppose this plan,” said Taylor. “Will the Premier listen? Will she do the right thing? Please don’t remove these kids from the therapy that they so desperately need.”

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