Monique Taylor MPP, Hamilton Mountain

Government of Ontario

NDP releases results of province wide discussion on autism support and calls for non-partisan committee to evaluate findings

Published on June 4, 2019

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QUEEN’S PARK—On Tuesday, NDP Official Opposition Children and Youth critic Monique Taylor called on the Conservative government to strike a select committee to review recommendations and present solutions on improving autism services in Ontario.

Since February, New Democrats have held 24 town halls and roundtables throughout the province to speak to families and gather their insights into fixing a program that has failed families under both the Liberals and Conservatives.

“Families continue to struggle to get their children the autism supports that they need to thrive,” said Taylor. “Time and time again, the Conservatives have failed these families with their cut first and consult later tactics. They simply cannot be trusted to do the right thing now. It’s time to take decisions about the Ontario Autism Program out of the Conservative backrooms and ensure that that families are listened to once and for all.”

The results of the NDP engagement include six themes based on concerns expressed by families throughout the province:

  • Services should be provided based on need
  • The financial burden faced by families is overwhelming
  • Families must have access to a range of evidence based services
  • There must be more support in schools
  • The province must build service capacity
  • Regulation for ABA service providers


The select committee would be tasked with reviewing recommendations coming from the Ford government’s recent consultation as well as the NDP recommendations and report back to the legislature. The committee would then oversee the implementation of these recommendations as quickly as possible.