Monique Taylor MPP, Hamilton Mountain

Government of Ontario

NDP’s Taylor Demands Support for Injury Victim

Published on February 23, 2017

QUEEN'S PARK – Monique Taylor, the MPP for Hamilton Mountain, today demanded the Wynne government support a brain injured victim from Hamilton, Travis Bailey. Mr. Bailey was shot in the head over 10 years ago when he was mistaken for someone else and now requires care and assistance in his home.

“CCAC has been cutting his care and has never been able to meet his complex needs,” said Taylor. “Instead, he found a private provider with staff trained to work with brain injured patients,” she continued.  “Travis has used his criminal injuries compensation to pay for it but that money will run out in a few days – money he should never have had to use for services in the first place.”

Quoting a previous Liberal Minister of Health, Taylor pointed out that this government has said people should get needed services in the community.

“Did the Minister at that time forget to mention those services in the community would be private and people would have to pay?” Taylor asked.  “Will the Minister step in, reimburse Travis Bailey and ensure he gets the care he needs from this point forward?”