Monique Taylor MPP, Hamilton Mountain

Government of Ontario

Adequate Development and Funding of Transitional Support for Pediatric Patients

WHEREAS parents, guardians and caregivers are concerned with the current transition and wraparound services for children with complex and/or critical care needs who age out of pediatric care; and

WHEREAS there is a need to develop and implement comprehensive transitional care programs specifically designed for pediatric patients, considering their unique medical, emotional, and developmental needs; and

WHEREAS by collaborating with healthcare professionals, community organizations, and patient advocacy groups guidelines can be developed and best practices implemented for transitional care while ensuring a coordinated and holistic approach to support pediatric patients during their transition; and

WHEREAS investments in comprehensive transition support for pediatric patients enhances overall well-being patients, alleviates the burden on families, and reduces the likelihood of readmissions to hospitals;

Therefore, the undersigned, citizens of Ontario, petition the Legislative Assembly of Ontario as follows:  to invest in comprehensive transitional support for pediatric patients, that can help facilitate their successful transition to appropriate hospital care that meets their complex care needs or integration back into their homes or other continuing care facilities.

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