Monique Taylor MPP, Hamilton Mountain

Government of Ontario

Wynne Dragging Feet on Funds for Children’s Autism Treatment: NDP MPP Taylor

Published on April 12, 2017

QUEEN'S PARK – Monique Taylor, NDP critic for children’s services, joined with families of children with autism today at Queen’s Park to continue to fight for services -- because children are still unable to access the treatment they need.

“They are here because they’ve been let down so many times before by the Wynne government and they see the writing on the wall for more of the same,” said Taylor, NDP MPP for Hamilton Mountain.

“Despite the promises, newly diagnosed children, five and over, are still unable to access intensive treatment.  The families of children who have been approved for treatment can’t access the funds when they need them.

“Will the Wynne government tell these families today that children five and over will receive the intensive treatment they need?”

April is Autism Awareness Month and Taylor recounted the story of a mother whose twin boys have autism. She is in a constant struggle to get funding for the treatment they need, while the Wynne government has provided no assurances that the funding will continue.

“Because of her uncertainty, she had to register them for mainstream schooling, even though she knows that without intensive treatment, they will regress. The important progress they have achieved will be lost,” Taylor said.

“Right now, she will be out of pocket for more than $2,500 just for May, money she does not have, because this government, for some reason, can’t get its act together and make the approved money flow.

“Will this government ensure that approved funding is available when it is needed and that families get the information they need?”