Monique Taylor MPP, Hamilton Mountain

Government of Ontario

Wynne Liberals Leave Hamilton Facing Ongoing Job Losses

Published on June 10, 2016

HAMILTON – Monique Taylor, NDP MPP for Hamilton Mountain, says the job numbers for May 2016, released this morning, show that the Wynne Liberals are letting Hamilton fall behind.

“The Wynne government is failing Hamilton families. Unemployment is up, youth unemployment is up and more than 30,000 manufacturing jobs have disappeared from our community since the Liberals came to power,” Taylor said. “When Hamiltonians are working hard to find a job, the government should be working just as hard to create opportunity — but that’s not what we’re seeing from this Liberal government. Instead, people in Hamilton are being left to fend for themselves.”

Hamilton’s unemployment rate increased 0.8 percentage points since this time last year to 5.8%, and the city has shed 4,000 jobs since last month. Hamilton has lost 30,000 manufacturing jobs since the Liberal government came to power more than a decade ago. Meanwhile youth unemployment has reached 11.5%, an increase since last month.

“Instead of helping, the Wynne Liberals are making matters worse. Electricity prices are pushing good jobs out of Ontario, the high costs of education are pricing too many young people out of the job market, or leaving them with crushing student debt,” Taylor said. “As your MPP, I’m committed to real investments in job creation and more opportunities for training and apprenticeships, to create the kind of opportunities Hamilton deserves.”